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HELP!!!!!!! Im being attacked by a fisherman


We often think of Shark attacks from the point of view of the Shark being the attacker. As active divers we are very well aware of the fact that it is the other way around. As the PADI Instructor creed points out WE can: Open hearts and minds to the hidden beauty of Natures creation and OUR OBLIGATION TO PROTECT IT. 1 quick and easy way to start is signing the Shark petition and getting others to do so as well. You dont have to be a Marine Biologist to understand that shark finning is a cruel and wasteful practice. If we could all get in the mind set of 1 SIGNATURE 1 SHARK, think of all the sharks we could save as a united group. Please SIGN Today. And have your friends and family sign today too. Jeff the Diver

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Take a deep dive in the complex nature of the #GlobalSharkTrade
Think shark fin soup is responsible for the decline in shark populations. Think again!

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