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Shark Supporters rally for Signatures


I love to be proactive. I sit at work all day thinking about ways I can spread the word that sharks need our protection. So, I gathered up a team of shark lovers from the PADI office in Bristol as well as some friends from the area and I challenged us all to take the streets of the city centre to let the people of Bristol know that we all need to protect our ocean planet!

I spent an hour in the morning blowing up huge shark balloons at a local suppliers, they had an unlimited supply of free sweets there so blew my tummy up with sugar too. I was unaware that the sharks looked slightly menacing and that I felt slightly sick.....

Armed with the 10 huge shark balloons, some 'Give sharks a Fighting Chance' campaign stickers and our Project AWARE clipboards we hit the town. To make sure we were not mistaken for fundraisers, I stuck a lovely 'We don't want your money, just your autograph' sign on the back of our clipboards!

It was a success! We got to speak to the public about shark protection and got over 420 signatures! Everyone loved the sharks too and some even thought they looked 'cute'!

We all went for some drinks after the celebrate our success and found an article this morning in the local evening post that rounded the event off nicely! Thanks everyone for taking part and joining us in making a difference!

Take a look at the article written about us in the Bristol Evening News, its aptly named: Sharks Plea to Shoppers.

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