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New Project AWARE presentation for my IDC candidates


We are currently in the middle of an IDC at Pro Dive Mexico and I had the pleasure of including the new Project AWARE presentation for the first time the other day.

As every PADI Instructor is automatically able to teach the Project AWARE and AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty it is important that they themselves understand what Project AWARE is, it's mission and current projects, so that they can pass on this important information to their students. PADI Instructors should aim to be great role models and should try to raise awareness of marine environmental issues all the time, not just when teaching an AWARE course.

During our IDC we turned this learning process into a little game and divided the candidates into two groups. The prize may only have been a packet of biscuits but that didn't stop the candidates getting competitive! Both teams showed quite a lot of knowledge about Project AWARE and it's work but they all learned some new things too.

Congratulations to the winning team of Joe, Ivan, Matias and Gina who enjoyed their cookies!

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