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Sick and Tired of Mindless Rubbish


Imagine cruising along in your car after a hard day at work. Meandering through incredible green and lush national parks. Gliding over sparkling waters and rivers, sheer cliffs so high you can't see the top. It's a great journey.

But then as you head off the main road to take your exit and turn off home you are confronted with a sorryful sight that can only be described as destruction, pollution and ouright littering.

Every stormwater drain on the turning off the freeway looks the same. Graffitied with plastic bottles, drink cans, plastic bags, cigarette packets. I'm so sick of this. For some reason these grids have become a home for people to discard their rubbish. What gives them this right?

In my job we talk about stopping pollution at the source. Preventing it from getting into the ocean by providing adequate waste management facilities and educating the young.

In the case above this pollution isn't because of inadequate facilities. It is laziness and sheer disrepect for the environment and people around them.

I did think maybe I've got it wrong. Maybe this rubbish has come from somewhere else. Surely people wouldn't just throw their rubbish out on the road? Then I witnessed an offender and my original thoughts were true. These culprits in my eyes should be hung, drawn and quartered. They are adults, they are driving cars, most likely earning a living, using this road to travel to and from their work. They should know better.

Children seem to understand and respect our environment - they are willing to learn, want to think about solutions and secure a better future for us all. It's a shame that our adult population cannot be as insightful.

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