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Thanks for your sponsorship, I did it!


My first ocean swim.  Jake’s first ride in a police car.

Usually we get out the car and I say “Jake stand by that pole until I get your sister out. Do not move.”  A tree, a car, a sign, any object that doesn’t move will do.  

Skateboards do move. At 7.45am on the day of the Cole Classic Swim, Jake got out the car and Max handed him a skateboard.  As I sprinted off to the start of race I shouted, “He’s heading for the half pipe….”  Set up had already begun for the World Pro Surf Event next weekend featuring pro skaters and a world class skate bowl.  Jake had his eyes on that bowl.

It was a great feeling to be free after a week on my own with two kids.

With huge swell and big rips Manly beach was closed. The swim course was changed and weaved in and out of the buoys and back to Shelly Beach.

The water was warm. It was fun.  I loved my hour of freedom swimming with hundreds of swimmers. 

And Jake loved his 2 hour of freedom too. Wandering from North to South Steyne on his pink skatey.  Like a teenager. Not a care in the world.  Until Manly Police picked up this little 5 year old.  

At the finish line I excitedly scanned the beach for my family. No-one could be seen.  Half an hour later I find them.  They had missed the race.  Max was hot and bothered after searching for Jake the entire time.  Tilly was an angel in her hot stroller, munching on an apple for 2 hours.

Jake was impressed with my medal and decided I must have come second!

Off we went to Freshie for a family swim, wow what a Sunday and it was still only 10am!

Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored me. Maybe next year I’ll take Jake with me to keep him out of trouble.  What age can kids enter the Cole Classic?

My time: 21.46

Average time: 23.13 

My Place 890!

Raised an amazing $595 so far, thanks everyone!

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