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PADI Asia Pacific Girls raise $1,551 for Ocean Planet


In February I discovered 5 PADI girls were running the Sydney Sun Run. “Why not raise funds too?” I asked. So they set up an online fundraising page. And the donations started rolling in.

The Sun Run  follows the coast from Dee Why to Manly where the Cole Classic Ocean Swim kicks off. 

I’d always wanted to swim an ocean race so I registered for the Cole Classic. The website asked me if I’d like to fundraise. So I did. Project AWARE was already on the list of charities. Easy.

Next step, add your story to Facebook and email all your friends. Tell them why you want to protect our ocean planet and what it means to you. Make it personal and more people will connect with the cause.

Online sponsorship makes fundraising simple. It’s easy to ask your friends to support your latest challenge, big or small.

Our tips: talk to your friends about what you’re doing. Organise a morning tea at your workplace. Collect donations for a lucky door prize. 

Congratulations and a big thank you to our super fit runners and fabulous fundraisers Karen, Lisa, Olivia, Tanya and Molly.    

Together we raised $1,551. If you have a race or event coming up why not make it a fundraiser too and help protect our ocean planet.

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