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30 laps, 10 minute walk, 40 pieces of plastic


After 30 laps of the ocean pool I wandered down the beach, happy to have a moment to myself.   

In just 10 minutes I'd collected 40 pieces of plastic.

I asked Jake (age 5) if it was pointless plastic or useful plastic. He thought it could be very useful and suggested scientists could actually make something with it. I'm sure all the scientists out there are delighted at the thought!

So in a very short burst of excitement, the kids and I created some fun plastic works of art on the kitchen table.

And Tilly (age 1) much like a sea turtle tried to eat the plastic. I guess it was on the kitchen table. Sea turtles have been eating what's in the ocean for millions of years, they simply don't know they aren't supposed to eat this plastic stuff.  Lucky for Tilly, we are here to look out for her. Turtles aren't so lucky.

Visit our image gallery. Why not try making something crazy of your own!

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