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Narraweena Public School World Ocean Day 2012


Litter lined the streets on Wednesday morning after severe Sydney storms toppled all the bins over. It was the perfect windy morning to join the bright and cheery classrooms at Narraweena Kindy for World Oceans Day.

40 five year olds listened intently to all the facts about plastic in the oceans.  All the kids stood up as straight as plastic bottles to hear about how rubbish reaches the beach and where it goes.

90% of rubbish in the ocean is plastic. Plastic floats in the ocean currents until reaches the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A big swirling, toxic soup of plastic, plastic and more plastic.  In some parts of the ocean there’s more plastic than plankton.

Photographs of plastic bags and jelly fish illustrated the impact marine debris has on turtles and other marine creatures. A photo of a scuba diver cleaning up underwater gave everyone lots to think about.

Everyone loved Xavier’s story about snorkelling with a shark last week at Ocean World, Manly. What a lucky 5 year old!  A few more children told us stories about scuba diving with sharks! WOW.

Everyone agreed they’d always use the Narraweena school recycle bin to keep our beautiful beaches clean.  I look forward to sharing more ocean stories with the keen green AWARE kids at Narraweena Public School.


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