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Divelog Dive No:80



Divelog 12/10/2011 Dive No:80   Headed of early to Taurito with the promise of a Deep Dive to Bluebird. So dive number 80 was one of the best dives all year. Eilif, Diana, Arthur & myself headed directly out from Taurito through the high Autumn Waves to the awaiting boat then a short journey to the site. Gear on, quick buddy check and off we go Aurthur and myself hit the water first followed by Diana & Eilif following the line all the way down to the wreck of the Bluebird a ferry which sank under un-usual circumstances.   Visibility was crystal clear at least 30 meters, water temperature was a comfortable 24 degrees, air was good. We descended at around 10 meters a minute and arrived directly above the wreck. The bottom composition was sand and the Angel Sharks were all around the wreck asleep. Rays were swimming past in all directions and a large school of snappers were hugging the wreck. Schools of large Barracuda followed us around 5 meters off my left shoulder.   Eilif knelt behind an Angel shark and dusted the sand off so we could get a better look, another pair of Rays swam past. Time went too quickly and we had to Ascend nice and slowly with a 1min stop at 23m and another at 12m. Deco for 9mins at 7m then saftey stop at 5m for 3mins.     An exilerating dive!
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