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January 19th Ahukini Landing In-water Marine Debris removal success


On Saturday Jan 19th 2013, in collaboration with the Surfrider foundation, Mālama Na `Apapa (MNA) conducted an in-water marine debris removal at Ahukini Landing, while the Surfrider group focused on removing a large net that had washed up on the beach near the Kamalani Playground, MNA responded to a report of a large net floating off of Ahukini Landing near where the Giant Green Sea Turtles swim daily.  We located a medium sized “Ghost Net” entangled in the old pilings and removed it.  The “Ghost Net” weighed about 300 pounds and if untangled and stretched out would be approximately 30 yards long.  We also removed three discarded tires from the sea floor at the landing. 

Mahalo Scott

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