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Debris problem in Magic Island in Honolulu, HI


Yesterday, a team of divers and I went on a dive against debris mission to Magic Island in Honolulu. We dive in this area often and at times we would come across trash in the water that affects the bottom composition of the lagoon. Various items of debris were found such as plastic bags, beverage cans, food wrappers, and even articles of clothing! It was very odd to see things like men's shorts and an ankle supporter

Magic Island is somewhere many divers use to conduct training dives. Unfortunately, it is a public beach park and there are plenty of people who come to the beach and unaware when some of their trash flies into the ocean. As PADI instructors, we need to promote awareness towards our aquatic environment, not only to other divers, but to non-divers as well. This mission was a success and we did a great job cleaning up the mess in Magic Island. We plan to continue working on spreading the word on the awareness of keeping our waters free garbage and debris that could harm the underwater life.

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