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Ocean Action Grant Meeting


On October 14th we had another meeting about our action plan for the use of the Project Aware OAP Grant money. We had 9 people attend and talked for several hours about how to move forward. It was a very productive meeting, and we had lots of great input from the attendees.

The entire project will require the participation of many people on our island, but for each project we need to have 1 person to manage the tasks. Three of the sections for the overall plan are pretty straightforward, and we managed to get some people to sign up to be the head of each of those sections, they are:
-Island Clean-up Crew: Jennifer Matthews, Big Blue Diving
-Signage: Marcel Van Den Berg, Ban's Diving
-Beach and Road Bins: Caroline Leuba (Koh Exist) and Chad Scott (New Heaven Dive School)

Most of the meeting was spent talking about the Rubbish Reduction Campaign, which will be headed by Mark Crowder (Master Divers) and Dave Scanlan (Sunshine Divers). As this section of the master plan is not as straightforward, there was a lot of suggestions and comments needed to direct the actual way to move forward. In the end, we decided that the campaign would focus on several main themes:
- Unspeperated Rubbish
- Plastic Bottles
- Used Dive Equipment
- Plastic Bags
- Straws
- Foam Boxes
- Cigarette Butts
- Alternatives to disposable items


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