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Shark Awareness course specially designed for children


Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok, Thailand, completed its first Project AWAREness Shark Speciality course.  The course was run through with PADI IDC Staff Instructor Joey Curbishley.  The course was completed using the free download kit from the Project Aware site ( and materials were adapted to suit the students reading age and ability.

The objects covered were

  • The many different species of sharks
  • Sharks and their habitat
  • Shark study
  • Sharks and their importance
  • Shark myths
  • How we can save sharks and create awareness.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the course with many saying that they were not aware that killing sharks could directly affect humans and the oxygen we breathe.  Previous to the course students had eaten shark fin soup on special occasions.  Since the course non of the students will eat the soup and they have even gone as far as changing menu's at family weddings, even though they are only 10 years old, their voice has still been heard.  

The course was completed as a non-diving course but all students have now signed up to complete their Junior Open Water course in July this year.  Students should be congratulated on completing their work to such a high standard.  Regional Manager Tim Hunt was so impressed that work is being shared throughout the region at PADI member updates.  Well done to all students and keep on being AWARE!

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