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We started the project "Campeche United by a Clean Sea"


 In "La Mar Campeche" Diving & Archaeology are committed to protecting the marine environment and the preservation of natural and cultural submerged resources of Mexico, therefore we promote community initiatives that allow us to share our environmental philosophy and promote the creation of agents of change in our local society.

The "Campeche United by a Clean Sea Project" aims to create a culture of care and defense of the state of Campeche beaches, directly combating the accumulation of waste on the shores of the cities of San Francisco de Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Champoton.

To achieve our goal, the "All Campeche United by a Clean Sea Project" has three specific actions:

  1. "La Mar" in your school.
  2. Massive Beach Clean.
  3. I rescue my beach every day, and you?

In this month of December, we began with the first of the three actions, "La Mar” in Your School, where we conducted a public awareness campaign in the primary schools of our coastal areas, where from games and activities leisure, we make children feel part of the solution to save the oceans and take as their own 5 shares to guard the beaches.

On Monday, December 2, we conducted talks on two of the most recognized schools of San Francisco de Campeche, the Xail Education Center and Miguel Hidalgo School, where thanks to the collaboration of the leadership of both institutions and teachers by groups we could impact more than 200 children, who were very interested in being from now, "Keepers of the Beach".

Very soon we'll be back with more surprises and ready to put to work in the Massive Beach Cleaning, the second phase of this ambitious project that "La Mar Campeche" Diving & Archaeology has decided to launch as part of our work of social responsibility, keep an eye because we will be in most schools of San Francisco de Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen and Champotón, spreading among kids our environmental philosophy in the context of our PADI Project Aware actions.

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