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Langley Diving fights Shark Finning at home and abroad


Langley Diving has recently joined with Project Aware and the Shark Iniative to lobby the EU to ban the practise of shark finning.  With over 60 signatures and photos from local divers we are adding our voice to the international outcry against finning.  If you haven't signed up yet and had your photo taken drop by the shop and add your voice to thousands worldwide.

If you are looking to do something at home try lobbying your local municipality to ban the importing of shark fin products to your area.  Langley diving would like to send a shout out to Councillor Rosamary Wallace of the City of Langley for tabling a motion to ban the importing of shark fin products into the area.

Too much trouble?  Do you go out for dinner?  Of course you do!  Read the menu.  If you find shark fin products on the menu, or for that matter the same of any endangered species on the menu, ask for the manager and explain you are leaving their establishment and why.  Then tell all your friends.

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