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Debris Month of Action is almost here - get ready!


Debris kills ocean life and threatens nearly every marine environment.

You can take on the ocean’s silent killer. You can stop plastics, cigarette butts, fishing gear and countless other items from choking our ocean planet. How?

Join Debris Month of Action this September and fight back against marine debris.

  1. Create your marine debris action or event – it could be a Dive Against Debris survey, marine debris presentation or any other action to fight against the ocean’s silent killer
  2. Download the “We’re Stopping the Ocean’s Silent Killer” sign and give a world view of serious litter problems. Post your team photo to Facebook or My Ocean.
  3. Submit your Dive Against Debris survey data. Project AWARE tracks underwater debris worldwide to battle trash from the ocean floor to the halls of government.

Debris Month of Action is a month-long rally to inspire underwater action. Dive communities everywhere will take on the ocean’s silent killer – join us as we fight back.

Grab your Debris Month of Action Kit, rally your dive buddies and dive in for Debris Month of Action!


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Use Your Phone to Take Action for a Clean Ocean
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