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So close yet so far - for shark protection


Project AWARE’s shark petition is looking for trade protection for sharks. There is so much talk about finning bans which is great but there are a number of pressures on sharks like overfishing and bycatch, and they all need to be addressed.

We know that sharks are vital to the ecosystem, they usually prey on the weak and sick creatures, leaving a healthier ocean. We also know that sharks are worth more alive for their potential to bring in tourism (around $2 million in Palau) than dead (a fin may bring in about $100). So why are we still talking about protecting them? Unfortunately positive change can take a long time but baby steps are moving the issue forward and encouraging us to keep the pressure on.

The great news is Project AWARE’s petition is 91,000 signatures strong. It’s hoped that a total of 250,000 can be reached by March 2013 so help is needed now to intensify the fight. As the eyes and hands of the ocean, we as divers need to take action and speak out on behalf of our beautiful dive buddies – the sharks.

Please, show the world the divers are shark's greatest allies, don’t only sign the petition but add the widget to your website, add the petition to your facebook page, print out the petition and ask your friends, family and customers to sign and encourage others to follow suit. Check out the shark action kit for tools to help -

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