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H2O Divers Dahab's first clean-up dive


Our objective was to get rid of as many trash and debris that we could find in Dahab's Bannerfish Bay. On Saturday morning, 13 divers and 4 non-divers were present to do so: 5 underwater buddy teams and a beach cleanup team to make the entrance to the dive site and the dive site look beautiful and welcoming again!

After giving the briefing and assigning each team's roles, we handed out gloves and collecting bags and got ready to dive. The divers were allocated a precise area to cover and the dive leader was in charge of checking the depth, time and air consumption. Each with a bag, and with my camera, we entered the water and began collecting.

The result : 5 half-full to full bags of rubbish from underwater, with plastic bottles and bags, cans, glass bottles, carpets, plastic containers, cardboard and paper, wires, fishing lines and hooks, cigarette filters, plastic spoons, glass fragments, shoes, etc. The beach cleanup gathered two very full bags of these kind of debris too, before they could enter the water. 

We'll definitely keep an eye on what's going on underwater and were very pleased of the attendance and the thank you's we received!

Our turn now to thank all of our helpers and divers for their work : Jaimie, John, Dolores, Tony and Brian, our dive leaders; Rupert, Andrew, Stuart, Katy, Yoeri, Aldine and Chopper for the underwater team; Nathan, Elena, Jenny and Alex for the beach cleanup!

Thank you to you all, thank you for being concerned about our environment's well being!

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