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It is always encouraging to find out about people and projects that are aiming to make the world just that little bit better of a place.  Recently we have had a run in with not one but two different projects that are doing just that. 

The first is Jen Horn who is a two time guest of our here at Liquid.  The first time here Jen completed her PADI Open Water certification.  You can read all about that experience on her blog at her site .  Actually as she was here completing her PADI Advanced Open Water course, there is also a second article about that course as well. 

This time around when Jen came out she coincided her trip with our monthly Sunday Funday/Dive Against Debris event.  After the environmental quiz Jen offered to do a little talk about her upcoming project Muni PH.  It is an ambitious project  that pulls together many of the more forward thinking companies and products in the Philippines together. 

The basic premise is to encourage people to live a more mindful life.  In her own words “Muni PH is powered by the idea that individually musing on how we live our lives and rethinking our actions can help minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing our impact in our communities.”

Small choices we make on a daily level can have major impact on a global scale.  Through the website Jen has created a forum where advice and tips on mindful living can be shared. 

  Small things like the erosion of beaches by the sand carted away in our beach towels were eye opening topics.  One local company has designed a beach towel that actually repels sand and helps our keep our favorite beaches intact.  You can check out these amazing towels from Lagu at

Her talk was very informative and we all came away with more knowledge about how our daily choices can help make a difference.


Another local company that recently came to Liquid was Lumago Design.  Spearheaded by Whitney Fleming this Dumaguete initiative is helping to rebuild and change lives, with jewelry.  

But it’s not just any ordinary jewelry, it’s trash.  At least it is made from what used to be trash.  Upcycled materials are the name of the game for Lumago.  Whitney has given the local residents an outlet to let their creativity flow and at the same time provide for their families.    The ladies of Lumago scavenge the local dumpsite for the raw materials and gather them for cleaning and processing.  Whitney has given the local ladies full reign to come up with the different designs and they are truly impressive.

Of course we have some of the items for sale here in the shop, and if you want to really get an idea of the kind of change the company is implementing you can visit them at their site.

Change comes in many ways and Jen and Whitney are leading the way.  Liquid is fortunate enough to have connected with such forward thinking and like-minded people.  Do yourself a favor and look into Muni PH and Lumago Design.  

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