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Teaching the staff


As divers we feel obligated to protect the ocean and all of the wonderful things that reside there.  It is just some thing that divers seem to have in common.  We are all so thankful to be able to see something that most people never have the chance, that we tend to come away from the experience wanting to preserve and protect the ocean.

For that reason here at Liquid we have initiated staff training sessions.  Every low season there is down time.  But at Liquid we are taking it to the next level.  We have given that staff some much needed "down" time.  

Last year we took all of the staff out on a Discover Scuba Dive.  Of course with over twenty staff it was actually a couple of dives.  They may not all have loved it but they did all give it a try.  The ones who did love it then got the opportunity to move onto their PADI Open Water Diver Course.

Finally this May we have a new batch of newly certified Open Water Divers.  The group did fantastic and all are eager to keep diving.  Not to mention they all came away with a new appreciation of exactly what makes the ocean tick and a new perspective on how to interact with the ocean.  If education is the first step towards preservation than we are off to a great start here.  


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