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My name is Lucas Schmitz. I will be going from Germany to Portugal with my bicycle in July.

I am a diving Instructor since nine years. In the last years I saw the ecosystem in the sea change dramatically from year to year. The effects of economical usage of the ocean by fishing, tourism, transportation, industry etc. are huge and tremendous.

I am active in raising awareness for the over-exploitation of the seas and the importance of a healthy ocean since many years. Doing so I support among others the project AWARE foundation to protect sharks.

Sharks are very important for the ecological balance in the ocean. Yet many of the known shark species are experiencing a dramatic decline in their population. Some of them are at risk of extinction.

I am running a fund raising website for project AWARE. My target is getting 2000 Euro (about 2600 USD). This money will be used for projects to protect the sharks.

For every single Dollar that is donated to project AWARE with my fundraising website, I will ride 2 km (1,3 miles) with my bike.

If I reach the target of 2000 €, I will make 4000 km from germany to Portugal.

This blog is to keep you updatd about my tour. I hope you enjoy following my project and support me and the sharks with a donation.

Please check out my fundraising page at

Updates about my tour and other sharky nformations can be found on my blog Feel free to read, share, like and comment my blog and the articles.


Lucas Schmitz

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