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Master Divers Finathon Challenge is a 43km SOLO OPEN WATER SWIM!


After much great success and support during our Finathon 2013 effort, this year we have decided to up the ante and complete a 43km open water solo swim! To put it in perspective:

The English Channel is 36 km
A standard marathon is 42 km
The distance around Koh Tao is 23 km

A 43km SOLO OPEN WATER SWIM demonstrates how seriously we take this issue!

This amazing feat will be attempted by Gene Girardeau, an honorary Master Divers member. Gene is as fanatical about open water swimming as she is about saving sharks. In 2013, Gene participated in Finathon by swimming in relay around Koh Tao.


Starting at 2am on the calmest day in our 3 week May/June window, it's anticipated that the swim will take around 16 hours. During this time Gene will have to support herself in the water. She will not be allowed to touch the boat or any flotation device. She will also be fed and hydrated while in the water.

Why Sharks?

Sharks die a horrific death when finned. They have their fins removed and are tossed back in the ocean to slowly suffocate.  Without their fins they can’t swim and if they can’t swim, water does not flow through their gills allowing them to ‘breathe’.  This practice kills 1000s A DAY!

Please help us to address this issue by providing your support in helping us spread the word about our campaign to help end shark finning.

You can contact us for more information should you wish to include this story in your media. You can donate or simply share on Facebook or Tweet the following link.

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