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Thanks!!! Target Reached!


Dear friends!

Happy new year!

With enthusiasm, we inform you that the first crowdfunding campaign for the documentary 'Sandgrains' ended successfully!

110 donors (including individuals and associations) have contributed 10,833 pounds (12,986 euros), several hundred pounds / euros above our target!

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The project also boasts the involvement of roughly 40 people who have contributed through their qualities to the logistics of the project (translators, graphic designers, researchers, people who have opened their homes and hosted the events, people who have cooked and welcomed..)

The 'Sandgrains' project has naturally evolved and expanded. We started with the idea of a documentary, and arrived at something more.

'Sandgrains' and Matchbox Media Collective celebrate today our community of supporters.
The network has grown and new ideas were born, such as the petition to raise awareness on fisheries with WWF.
Moreover, in the coming months, the 'Sandgrains' production will tell the stories of the characters through another medium, photography.
And as always we are open to new contributions, of any kind ...!

This is the victory of crowdsourcing: together we can!

With this newsletter we want to thank everyone who has contributed in an economically difficult period, those who have voluntarily donated their quality and time, and all the people who value independence of thought and storytelling ...

The community of Ribeira da Barca awaits us and we will be with them in 2 days.
We will send you updates and developments on our investigations and stories, and on top you will have the opportunity to understand from the inside the process of documentary production through our and Francesca's blog.

We'll be in contact soon, from the lands of Cesaria and her sodade ...!

Matchbox Media Collective.


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