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Mermaid Kat Presents - Flying with Mantas


Mermaid Kat presents ‘Flying With Mantas’ – 6 days in Bali, Indonesia. This once in a lifetime adventure, includes a mermaid workshop with Mermaid Kat and an experience with the magnificent manta ray.

The trip includes an amazing 4 day trip to Komodo on ‘Wellenreng.’  A big part of the trip is raising awareness about our oceans and Mermaid Kat supports Project AWARE key campaigns including the Mantas at Risk Campaign, and Dive Against Debris.

 “Manta diving and swimming programs bring significant economic benefits to coastal communities across the globe. Always consider how your interactions affect marine life. When swimming, snorkeling or diving near manta rays remember to keep your distance by 3 to 4 meters, it’s magnificent to observe them in their natural habitat but remember  there should be no touching, no obstructing of movement and always leave mantas to move freely,” Said Mermaid Kat.

The manta experience runs from 26 May 2013 to 4 June 2013.

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