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Dive against debris


Hi divers out there,

It is so easy to help the protection of our blue planet. Collect every time you make a dive the debris you see under water. Take it with you and dispose it to the next trash box. If everybody will do so we go a huge step forward.

I already organized two events this year in Mannheim (Germany) at a very well known dive side called "Vogelstang See". We found a lot of bottles, plastic, and other debris. More than 30 kilogram in this two events only. It was very easy to organize it: I just gave the buddy teams a short briefing, what to collect (and specially, what not to collect, e.g. bottles with shells on) and gave them a bag to store the items.

We had a lot of fun and I will continue to organize events like them.

Dive for a cleaner planet!


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