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Ocean Conservation and 4Rs


After Tafusank school, last week we did the two days Aware-Recycling work-shop in Utwe Elementary school. The first day we showed the Aware Kids Dvd and talked about ocean conservation, the second day we focus on how kids can help every day to protect the ocean and their island, the 4R's and the recycling project. The school was out of electricity and we couldn't use the projector but only the laptop. The sound was not so high and the children were hardly breathing to catch all the words of the Aware Kids movie. It was so great to see how interested they were! They created 4 artistic posters about Reduce-Reuse-Refuse-Recycling and decorated 3 recycling bins with trash. The recycling bins we donated are full already. In only one week, at least 3cubic meter of recyclable material will not go to the landfill or the ocean!


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