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Kids learn about recycling in Kosrae


Two AWARE diver students; Corinna and Martin joined me for a two day Project AWARE workshop in Tafunsak school.  They are from Germany and have been sailing the Atlantic and the Pacific. They were disappointed in discovering how much trash is floating in the ocean, especially a place that is hundreds of miles from the coast. In Fiji they spoke about the importance of the recycling. In Kosrae, they are learning diving and learnt about Project AWARE initiatives and they love it!

During the first day of the workshop, I showed the AWARE Kids video, I taught the students about the importance of protecting the ocean for the future. Martin and Corinna showed pictures of their travels and the trash they discovered, and the danger for the ocean's creatures. The second day we focused on how we can help to protect the ocean everday: the four "Rs" and specifically the recycling project in Kosrae. Micronesia Eco donated three new recycling bins to the school, which the kids decorated.

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