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Becoming a "Mir"maid for the Finathon!


Project AWARE's mission to promote the protection of, conservation of, and education on various endangered species is right in line with what I already believe in and enjoy sharing with everyone I can get my hands on. So, of COURSE I jumped all over the Swimming Against Finning promotion when I heard about it. I am passionate about protecting the voiceless and promoting their awesomeness when they cannot. :) Today it's swimming laps and getting tuckered out to encourage the ban of the finning trade, tomorrow it's researching the ecology and behavior of another less understood species. Every step is a step in the right direction and I want to be there for them! 

For this event, I have promised my MOTHER (honestly, she banded with a friend of mine on this) would like me to dye my hair turqoise "like a mermaid" if I am able to raise $1,000.  I told her my boss would probably not let that happen.... and to my surprise he jumped all over that one as well.... soooooo I am kinda stuck with the mermaid plan. Blonde is as crazy as I have ever gotten, so this should be interesting. I really do believe that this a more than worthy cause and I would dye my hair rainbow if I thought it would open even a couple people's eyes to the beauty and awesomeness of some of these endangered sharks. But, aqua it is!!!! 

Join our cause and have some fun with it. I know I will. With or without aqua hair :)

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