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You never can do anything beyond all measure to sharks protect...



During the campaign "Big Shark Shout Out" I was faced with a misunderstanding of why people need to save sharks...

Many people have asked - why do we need to protect sharks in Russia, because they are not available here. Some people said that this is a useless act and can`t do anything, "shouting for sharks," it is useless and ridiculous. Others said that sharks are monsters and they kill many people...  Imagine what а level of awareness have the average citizen, if my main opponents were divers?

So I think that one should never do anything  beyond all measure to sharks protect! 

Must first raise awareness about the problems of sharks. Attract attention in all ways. Many say that not having money, having no office and many employees, we can`t do anything. This is not the case...

Use your social networks to inform their friends and tell them about the need to protect sharks. Use labels with the sharks in their cars, briefcases and other places. If you can`t  buy a t-shirt with logos of Project AWARE action, take and make the applique template, cut the figure of a shark and sewing it into your favorite T-shirt. Or order the embroidery in  studio. 

You can do whatever you tell your imagination. The most important thing you need - to attract people's attention and then tell them about the problems of sharks.


Today, with the two old t-shirts and denim, for two hours I had made a bath mat. Now, I know that when I will have visiting friends, they will come out of the bathroom and will ask me - why have you got there sharks? And I will have occasion to tell them that "scary monsters" Sharks are not so easy to live the way we think ...

Do you also think it's stupid and useless?

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