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Dive for Debris March 2013


Black Cove near Los Abrigos in Tenerife is a beautiful area to dive, snorkel and relax, however many fisherman, spear fisherman and tourist vist this area. We have fuond that they do not have any respect for the Ocean or the landscape and regularly leave their rubbish behind.

Our dive center Amarilla Divers, uses this site alot for our clients, students and fun dives so we decided it should be the first on our list of dive sites to clean up!

We had 5 divers and 1 surface cover who cleaned the actual beach area.

During a 50 minute dive we managed to collect over 30kgs of debris from the dive site & beach area! Yes this seems to be a lot, however we will have to go back agin this week as there was too much debris to collect in one dive.


We collected over 80 drinks cans, over 20 plastic bottles and 20 glass bottles. we also collected many different tyoes of plastic parts, metals, cloths, nets and diving equipment. With the lead weights we collected we are now considering melting these down to make dive wieghts.

This dive site is beautful, but not looked after so Amarilla Divers will now be regularly clearing this site.


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