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Support the Shark Sanctuary in Moalboal, the first in the Visayan area of the Philippines.


Please sign the petition here,

Target: Join us in supporting the Local Government of Moalboal to create a Shark Sanctuary 

Sponsored by: Give Sharks a Fighting Chance Sign up today to show you support for the first Shark Sanctuary in the Visayan area of the Philippines

The local government of Moalboal has long supported marine conservation. Most fish and coral species flourish on Moalboal's beautiful reefs and their populations continue to grow. However, sharks have been over-fished and now just a handful remain. Without protection these important and beautiful animals will soon disappear 

By adding your voice we can help the Local Government in making the decision to declare all of Moalboal a Shark Sanctuary  

Yes to the first Shark Sanctuary in Visayan area in the Philippines
Yes to a Shark Conservation Awareness Program
No to catching of sharks in all municipal waters 
No sale of shark meat or fins in local markets 
No sale of shark oil, teeth or jaws 
Individually we stand alone. Stand together and we can make it happen. Sign Up Now and pass the link on to all your friends that care about the environment


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#Divers4Makos - Sign the Petition
Help end uncontrolled mako shark fishing now.  Add your name and sign the petition today.

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