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Sea Turtle Rehabilitation


Every year for the annual Koh Tao Festival the Save Koh Tao Group and the Royal Thai Navy work to release 30-100 juvenile sea turtles around Koh Tao. New Heaven has also been a part of these releases for the last 15 years. In 2009 the NHRCP pioneered a sea turtle nursery program, placing 10 sea turtles in a natural enclosure created on our land in Ao Leuk Bay.

This year, 21 of the 30 turtles which arrived for the annual release were very small and unhealthy; many have infections or appear quite weak. It was decided not to release them, but instead to care for them and rehabilitate them. Now, the NHRCP is working with Dr. Jae of the Koh Tao Noistar Animal Clinic to care for these sick sea turtles. The turtles are being housed and looked after here at our dive shop.

Each day, Dr. Jae arrives to give vitamin or antibiotic shots and assess the strength of the turtles. Throughout each day and night, our team takes care of feeding and water changes as well as monitors their growth, activity, and strength.

We are happy to say that after the first 4 days they are looking much better - more healthy, more active, and only 2 have infections. Today we have begun construction of our simulated natural ponds. Stay Tuned for more updates on this exciting project.

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