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Greetings: I am an Educator of over 18 years, Biology Major, Author and Certified Children's Yoga Instructor. First let me say I appreciate the fine work you are achieving from your organizations efforts for our marine life and oceans!


I have released a Collection of books on healthy living alternatives, nature and our environment for children and families. My children’s books from my Nurturing Nature Collection: connecting "with care" to our world are great children's books and resource tools for any environmental,or ocean organization, parent, instructor or educators’ children’s or camp programs..

I would be honored to offer my book, Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness: to your Ocean/Diving groups as I think this could dovetail well into your programs.


Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness, is a book on ocean conservation tells the story of Winston The Humpback Whale and his albatross friend, Lea-Le and the perils they faces from oil spills and pollution in their home, the ocean. A wonderful additional resource for ocean conservation and the effects of pollution for any family or educational program.


This book, as with all my books contain websites, glossary, and resources for further discussion and extended lesson planning information on subject matter to educate and help our environment and create a healthier “world” and a healthier “us”.

More and more educators, conservationist, families, yoga instructors, and therapists are praising the benefits of all my books like these for our youth..

Please see reviews and testimonials on my website or

All my books can be purchased in large quantities discounted wholesale for your organization/ programs through myself/website on request, and is also available retail on in print and e book in US, Europe and UK.


I am aware of the valuable work your organization accomplishes for Ocean Conservation throughout the world.


Because of the message Winston The Whale and The Blanket Of Darknesssends about Ocean Conservation and the importance of the connection we all share with our ocean world and its’ survival, I feel my book would be of great relevance to your efforts by spreading the message of Ocean Conservation and information on ways to help our ocean to children and families purchasing this book or as an addition to your educational or diving programs and do so in a fun and educational way!



Thank you for the opportunity to have my book reviewed by you. It would be an honor to have Winston The Whale and The Blanket Of Darknessrecognized/purchased/included by your organization

My other books include..


Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga , a great resource tool for /camps/educators/instructors incorporating yoga into their program. In

it are stories specifically written for a yoga class with yoga poses, pose instruction, illustrations breathing exercises and a relaxation exercise.. A great way for children to learn yoga and have fun too.


The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House, a book on tree conservation and leaves change is a whimsical tale of Mother Nature and her mishaps while painting her home which result in the season of fall and leaves changing. A great resource tool on trees and season change.


The more we can educate our youth to the benefits of healthy alternatives, the beauty of nature and our connection we all share with our environment then the better our world can be.

Thank you so much for your time in this matter and thank you for all you do to inspire and educate the children and families you encounter to helping our marine life and oceans! Please take a look at my books for you/your program. Look forward to talking further on this subject.



Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness

Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga

The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House,

Available on in U.S Europe and U.K

in print and e book

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