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What lies perhaps at the bottom of the Castle Lake?



Well, 30 divers and snorkelers from OceanAdventures Dive Center in Kolding can answer that question when they last Saturday cleaned the lake as part of a Project AWARE clean up event.


The Danish weather showed its best side and featured bright sunshine all day long. About 30 divers and snorkelers, and many many more on the edge, decided to swing by and posed for AWARE day in Kolding, ready to comb the lake and lend a hand. The water in the lake was nice and warm, around 15-16 degrees with a really good visibility at 4-5m – so perfect clean up water!


The day gave many good gains and founds - some a little more exciting than others. Out of sight - out of mind, but not quite, because when they volunteer divers started, many things where pulled out of the lake. One of the more interesting things found in the lake, some old cartridges from the 2nd world war and an old exercise Cartridge with wooden projectile. In addition, there were some other fun finds, like an old pee potty that could have been the kings, more bottles than we could collect and manage to get up, smoke grenades, bicycles, boxes, shoes, skates, signs, money, purse, ID cards, clout piggy bank, an old milk and cream bottles from the milkman's time, cart, chair, madam blue teapots and all the world's other junk and debris! But as tradition goes, we ones again found what a burglar probably thought he had got rid of, namely a cash box from a cash register.


For the event planner the day was not only a great success, but also a way of giving something back. It's amazing what people throw into the water. Out of sight - out of mind, but not quite, because when they volunteering divers started, many things where pulled out of the lake and the focus we got from the local media is exactly what we need to turn things around, says Martin Pedersen from OceanAdventures Dive Center and organizer of the cleanup day. We hope of course that we may be allowed to help out next year again.


Finally a big thanks to all attendees, both divers, snorkelers, surface personnel and others who supported our project AWARE day in castle lake in Kolding.

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