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Turtle release with Oceans 5 dive Resort, Gili Islands


A few days ago it was time for 17 Olive Ridley turtles to go into the big blue. After a stay of 6 months in the water basins of Oceans 5 dive resort, these turtles were big enough to stay a long time underwater and enjoy their natural enviroment of the sea.

Oceans 5 wants to thank all the people who were taking care of these turtles, Simone Sauren (marine biologist), Nun, Bahry, Madjid and Rizal. And ofcourse all the people who donate some so that the turtles become stong and healthy enough to return to the sea.


At this moment Oceans 5 dive resort has still 50 Olive Ridleys in the water basisins. They have to wait for an other release when the are bigger and stronger to see the blue.

For the released turtles enjoy your freedom, maybe we see you during a dive.....!

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