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Reef clean ups in the harbor of Gili Air


The raining season will start soon on the Gili Islands. Its now halfway November and it doesnt take long when the daily rain will be there.

The rain is good for the islands, all the trees and flowers will start growing again, but the rain brings also some negatives. In the dry season people dump all their garbage in the rivers and when the rain season starts we see the result.


A lot of garbage is drifting from Lombok to the Gili Islands and sink at places where there is almost no current, like Gili Air Harbor. It is not only bamboe but sorry to say it is mainly plastic. Plastic bags, flip flops, chips bags, coffee cups, candy papers, water bottles etc.


It doesnt make the islands more attractive for tourists when they arrive for the first time and have to help themselves to climb over the rubbish hills on the beaches in the harbor.


Oceans 5 dive resort is aware of that. And puts her energy in a weekly reef and beach clean up in the Harbor.  Its totally free and everyone can join. For more information:

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