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Swimming to End Finning


The heat is on and we are ready to take on the challenge!! Here at OSSC we really love our sharks and enjoy diving with them. Sharks of many species make frequent appearances on dives here in Southern California so we are particularly concerned with their well being. On August 31st we are teaming up with the Oceanside Brooks Street pool to do some laps and have some fun while we swim against finning!! 

Staff have donation pages up already and the race has begun. Frank, one of our sales associates and repair techs, is spicing up the fundraising by promising to grow his beard back (which has been missed by many, staff and customer alike) and to shake his hair into a mohawk!! Say whaaaaa??? Yeah! Miranda, our Assistant Manager, somehow got swindled into agreeing to dye her hair aqua if she meets her goal. We're going to have our very own "MIR-maid"!!!! 

We are set to have a great time swimming against finning and we hope that any and everyone joins us in whatever capacity they can muster! Make a team and help us raise the funds! Frank's goal is $500, Miranda's is $1000, and we would like to see the shop hit $5000. We think we can do it, but we can only do it with your help!! So come on San Diego!!! LET'S GO SWIMMING!!!!! 

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