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FINathon, Swimming Against Finning - Oceanside California


Our FINathon, Swimming Against Finning, went really well! We were able to raise almost $1800!!

Not enough for a full head of aqua (Miranda was aiming for $1K before she would die her hair aqua) since she was a smidgeon short, but the store did raised over $1,000, so there are talks with her hair dresser about an aqua chunk/slice/section or some other similar consolation coloring.  

Frank won't have to do the mohawk (would go for mo with $500 in fundraising) either because he was also short, by $25!! Fret not, negotiations are in the works and we're working on a consolation cut for him as well.

All participants (an Assistant Manager, two Sales Associates/Repair Techs, a Super Supporter, and a Executive Director) swam a mile each (plus all those insurance laps when we lost count). In addition to being joined by our fearless leader Alex Earl of Project AWARE Foundation, Shark Stanley joined us and we were thrilled to have them both! 

Thank you to all of our suporters that contributed to our gand total of $1725 towards shark protection!

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