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Video | Our Ocean is NOT a trash bin. DIVE it, don't LITTER it!


This is a video about Indonesia's underwater heaven which was made in 2012. The video is a compilation of Indonesia's dive sites from Nabire (Papua, East Indonesia), Alor (East Nusa Tenggara), and Donggala (Central Sulawesi).



There's only 3 dive sites in this video but already it gave me the sense of how wonderful it is this underwater world that has been my favorite place to escape, to enjoy, and to forget everything I need to worry about daily-city life since I started scuba diving in 2010. There are so many dive sites in this world that I wanted to go to, especially those magical dive sites around Indonesia.


Apparently, many people doesn't really care about the ocean. People keep thrashing the ocean, treat the ocean like their junkyard. Well, I'm sure there are people who care about this, Project Aware is one of the proof. Many divers/people gather in this movement to keep whats left behind and to protect it from getting worse.


From the beginning until almost the end, this video tells us about how lovely our ocean is but in the end it is our responsibility to keep it clean, to keep it safe, to defend and to protect it against all threat including thrash threat.



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