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Landlocked- Pollution!


So I was thinking... I may be landlocked against my will, but who says I still can't do something? I was thinking about rivers- the rivers that go into the ocean.

Even if you live in a landlocked state, I want to encourage people to think- are you still in a watershed? Where do your rivers go? I know that though I may spend most of my time in West VIrginia, we are part of the watershed to my beloved Chesapeake bay. We can still clean up the rivers and care for the oceans even if we are stranded far from the shore.


I am madly in love with a guy who has love for the other mother, and doesn't know I exist. Help! Most guys ditch when I start the shark rants!

SO! Think about it. I may go to boarding school here, but... I still have a shark awareness group, AND we can help the bay :D Here's a little call to action: If you live in the West Virginia / Virginia area, tell me, and I'd love to talk :] I'm not a stale, I promise.

PS... I need a better pick up line than "Did you know sharks die at a rate of over 10,000 a day?"

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