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Save Captain Watson!


The leader and founder of Sea Shepherd, prominent direct action group for the conservation of marine life, was arrested in Germany on Sunday, May 12, 2012 for extradition to Costa Rica. We have only hours before he faces extradition to Costa Rica for something that happened in 2012. For more information on Captain Watson and his arrest, go to:

This is a politically fueled arrest on Costa Rica's behalf! Captain Watson is a hero, one who should not be behind bars. The crimes he is being charged with are unjust and untrue, and he will face unjust trial if he does indeed end up in Costa Rica. He isn't the one who should be arrested. They've got the wrong people in jail. If Captain Watson goes, we lose a figurehead of our movement. This S.O.B has won more awards than my Valedictorian sister, and she can barely fit all of them in one place. Germany needs to revoke it's decision, and it needs to happen now.

To contact Germany and campaign for his release, please go to:

Attatched is the video footage of what happened in puerto rico, proving his innocence. He is being charged with attempted murder. We have to act. Now.

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