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Dive Against Debris Koh Taen 2 March 2014


The Dive Academy crew recently conducted an underwater clean up at Koh Taen off the south of Koh Samui.

Koh Taen is a very popular snorkeling spot and Island Hoppers, the owners of the resort on the island thought that after the recent windy conditions there would be lots of trash gathered under water and we were happy to help clear it up.

We made our way to Tong Krut on the south of the island where we got onto a longtail boat which took us into the bay which we were to clean. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there wasn't too much garbage - just a few bottles, cans, old rags, a longtail boat propeller, a few plastic items and some random bits of rubbish.

All together we collected around 12-15kg's or garbage between us which wasn't alot but shows that the waters around Koh Taen are in good condition. It was a job well done but also lots of fun.

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