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Its Official................ Dolphins support Project Aware


On a day where we had no diving booked the Team, at Dive and Sea Tenerife, decided they wanted to spend their "free" morning cleaning up one of our exclusive dive sites, Pequeno Valle, in Tenerife.

The divers dropped in and commenced the Dive Against Debris, after a few minutes of methodically working their way through the site, they were surrounded by Dolphins.

To put this experience in perspective, whilst we do see these amazing animals to and from dive sites, of the 3,000 dives we have completed in the last few years, Dolphins have only turned up on 2 other occasions!

After a short while it was decided to abandon the clean up and ascend to the boat as not to disturb the Dolphins.

Once the Divers were back on the boat, it became apparent the Dolphins had other ideas!

Whilst the pod consisted of some 20, 4 of the pod, decided we were there new best friends and spent the next hour gliding next to our boat and giving us displays of their agility.

Our PADI Divemaster interns have described it as "The best day of the lives" 

Melissa, Chris, George and Pete now have a great story to tell everyone!

Did the Dolphins come to show their support for our Project Aware Dive Against Debris?

We think so :-)

A truly awesome experience for all involved and one that we hope will be repeated one day.

For more pictures of the experience check out our Facebook page

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