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Indiana, Arkansas, I do love my ma and POP!


The last full day our Project Aware funded traveling art exhibit at McCormick's Creek, Indiana was action pacted!  We created a conceptual representation of the waterfall at McCormick's Creek State Park and had visitors that came out to the Arts in the Park festival glue plastic bottle caps to the painting Colleen Minnemeyer and Andrea Oeding helped create.  While there I became more convinced than ever that the way we can slow down corporate greed is to support people that are doing the least amount of harm on the planet yet providing the goods that we need.  I watched a woman weave her own yarn and purchased one of her bags.  I spent time with a mountain man who using a lathe creates the most beautiful stone platters, plates, cups, and bowls. STONE not plastic.  I watched a man use a chissel and hammer make the most beautiful lettering on limestone. Handcrafted with TLC.  Yes, we pay a little more, but we will probably value these items more than what we purchase at Walmart and will last a whole lot longer.

Later that day, we  met up with at White River with the Owen County 4H Fishing Team who were painting over graffiti at Cooper Park shelter and also helped with our river cleanup. Thank you Owen County 4H Fishing Team, Friends of McCormick's Creek, and Owen County SWCD for being a part of POP, Inc.'s river cleanups sponsored by Project Aware. 



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