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Bringing the Ocean to over 1000 children


Last week, I traveled over 600 miles to bring Plastic Ocean Project's 25 feet of ocean waves to 7 different schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania USA.  These waves contained images of plastics I had collected in some of the most remote ocean places on the planet.  Kids get it! From 4 years old to 14, they have a primal sense that it just isn't right to have plastics floating around the ocean. Of course having some really cute handpuppets, like a manatee,shark, and sea turtle, that get caught up in plastic and need some helping hands visually creates an understanding that balloon strings are dangerous to marine life among other hoop and loop plastic items.

We also shared ideas on changes we could make to reduce the use of plastics.  One night, I had dinner with an audience member and they told me they were trying not to use straws as my presentation suggested. It is one thing to share the information and it is another to actually witness behavioral change.   

Thanks to the funding from Project Aware, we now have a larger audience of children on up to blue hairs who will try harder not to let plastic get into the ocean. 


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