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What Goes Around Comes Around is Getting Around


Since January the dance card for the "What Goes Around Comes Around" traveling art exhibit, consisting of plastics collected from three of the five gyres and island inside them, is really filling up.  The exhibit just returned from Rutger's University in New Jersey, USA and was back up on display this past weekend for the Grand Opening of the NC Coastal Federation new education facility.  June 1st it will be in Bloomington, Indiana, and then on to Reno, Nevada, and ending in California just as we had hoped with the grant money we received from Project Aware.  

We have been getting a lot of interest for the exhibit for next year and hope to have opportunity for stops in 2015.  For those interested in housing the exhibit, feel free to contact us on our website,  For more details check out our calendar  We will be doing river cleanups along the way and will be doing one May 17 at 3pm down at Carolina Beach State Park at 3pm.  Come out and you just might snag 2 free tickets to the Jack Johnson Concert on May 21 at Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary, NC at 7pm.  

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