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Volunteer project near Sipadan to protect coral reefs, fish & sharks launched


We have just launched our new volunteer project to try to protect and rebuild a coral reef.  The project is near Sipadan close to Semporna in Sabah East Malaysia.  The project will protect and monitor the turtle population, replant corals and try to increase fish diversity and abundance.  The reefs are very diverse but have suffered from years of destructive blast fishing, with the help of volunteers or Interns we hope to change that.  The deeper parts of the reef are less damaged and may become the basis for a shark sanctuary to protect the few remaining remnants of the reef shark populations.

The project is perfect for beginning divers but experienced divers would be very welcome.  Bring you friends, make this a party and help replant the reefs that we all love.  Minimum is 4 days for qualified divers but we have a fantastic introductory offer for 7 days 6 nights.  email

For more details or for an action filled holiday on some of the best coral reefs on the planet check out

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