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Put the fin back on the shark!


Regulations and politicians, petitions and European Commission, proposals and Fisheries ministers – all very important at the moment for the future of sharks in our oceans. But ever so important are also all the people around the world who’s fighting for the protection of sharks.  By participating in the Projects Aware’s Big Shark Shout Out Week, by signing petitions and by raising awareness about the declining shark populations.

So what did us at Projects Abroad Thailand do – we headed for a day of environment education at the local “Yes We Can” English School Camp - and playing the game “put the fin back on the shark” with the students.

Shark finning is killing millions of sharks each year, so we decided we’d like to put this fin back on the shark again! By a few pieces of cardboard, some paint, some tape and some artistic skills our shark was created. He then got hung up on the wall in the classroom at the School Camp. After an explanation about the shark finning issue, forty five eager students got blindfolded and with the guidance of their friends, one by one they put the fin back on the shark again! The fact that they learnt the English words for left, right, forward and back, at the same time was just an extra bonus.

The children are our future, and if we can help them get a better understanding of our beautiful environment, we have a good chance to keep planet earth as a home for all animals, plants, humans – and sharks.


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