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Underwaterpark Zoetermeer update


THe underwater life is becoming more and moren ubundant in our underwater park. During the last dives we saw a lot of life. Pike, eel, bream, more often than not you meet these fish. The zebra mussel is also really spreading through the park. On one of the small wrecks, the sides are now fully covered with mussels. They really seem to get more and more spreaded through the park.

There are also some drawbacks. On one of the platforms on 5 meter depth, placed there to do use during diver training, al lot of algea is growing. The result is that when you sit on the platform with a couple of students, the visibility gets very bad from the algae that come loose. The purpose of the platform being that you don't sit in the sand and thus have better visibility and better control is not being met this way :-)

Other thah that I am very happy with the development of the park. Unfortunately the lake is much too big for us to be able to improve the water quality with just our mussels. I am thinking about expanding our efforts this way, but so far we have not had any feasible ideas. Maybe next year we come up with something.

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