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Cleanup of our divesite: Duikpark Zoetermeer


Our cleanup has been published in the local newspapers of Zoetermeer. The Postiljon and the Streekblad published a picture and some text. Nice to get some exposure. This will only add to the awareness of more people than just the diving community in Zoetermeer. See

On October 30, 2011 we had a cleanup event in our local divesite: Duikpark Zoetermeer. This was a very nice day and a succesful event.

22 divers and 13 other people were busy picking the things from underwater that do not belong there. We had a good result. Quite some cans, bottles, old shoes, golfballs and even a crowbar were retrieved from the water.

We were very pleased with the turnup. Everyone had fun and thus we builded on the awareness of the divers and spectators.

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